Shawn Driscoll

Government Relations Consultant

Shawn Driscoll spent over twelve years at the federal and provincial levels of government. Most recently, Shawn served as the Stakeholder Relations Advisor in the Office of the Leader of the Opposition for Erin O’Toole, Candice Bergen and Pierre Poilievre.

Tamara Condie

Public Affairs Consultant

Tamara Condie brings multifaceted experience in strategic communication, public affairs and journalism to Sandstone Group. Most recently, she worked as a special projects advisor at the Department of Justice Canada, delivering innovative human-centred services to clients on strategies and visions.

Elia Lopez

Public Affairs Consultant

Elia brings a strong background in industry and government to Sandstone Group. Elia previously worked for the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, where she acquired a deep understanding of the parliamentary process and cultivated strong relationships as a member of the Leader’s Tour Team and as a Policy Advisor focused on the environment, climate change, mining and indigenous affairs.

Skye Scruton

Government Relations Consultant

Skye Scruton has a thorough research background, and experience in strategic management. Skye previously worked for the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration. In that role, she provided strategic solutions for U.S. firms to enter and compete in the Canadian market. She also facilitated important commercial and trade discussions between U.S. and Canadian stakeholders.

Matthew Don Trapp 

Director of Public Affairs 

Matthew has extensive knowledge of government and government relations at both the federal and provincial levels. Prior to joining Sandstone Group, Matthew worked as manager of operations for a minister in the Ontario government.

George Young

Senior Associate

George Young brings 30-plus years of extensive public sector experience as a trusted, reliable and confidential advisor to three prime ministers, numerous cabinet ministers and leaders of political parties at the provincial and federal levels of government.

Tony Battista

Senior Associate

Tony Battista enjoyed a distinguished career in the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian defence industry. Tony joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a Private in 1974 and retired in 2014 with the rank of Colonel. During this time, he served in the Military Police and held several command and staff positions. He also served as Business Manager for the Federal Government for IBM.

Michael Barton

Senior Associate

Michael Barton has nearly 30 years of experience as a strategic executive and advisor in public affairs, media relations, issues management, and marketing communications. Michael worked as vice president and group leader of the federal procurement division in a national consulting firm, as well as fifteen years at Lockheed Martin Canada as the public affairs and communications leader.

Douglas (Doug) Thomas

Senior Associate

Doug Thomas enjoyed a 28-year career as the National Director for the Navy League of Canada. He currently serves as Managing Director for St. John Ambulance’s Federal District Council.

Wendy Cumming

Senior Associate

Wendy Cumming is a respected senior executive and veteran communications strategist with experience in strategic positioning, crisis and issues management, media outreach, project management, facilitation and presentations to leadership teams, and instructional sessions with staff to guide program implementation.